Beaufort Secure passes LPS 1175 with Sentinel 6

A bespoke high security package developed by Adams Rite is an integral part of the first commercial aluminium doorset to pass LPS 1175 (Security Rating 2) – meeting the requirements of Secured By Design’s commercial specification.  Beaufort Secure Design, one of the UK’s leading systems companies, incorporated the Sentinel 6 package into its doorset, becoming the first to produce a commercial aluminium door capable of meeting this most stringent and demanding standard.

The Building Research Establishment's LPS or Loss Prevention Standards cover fire protection and control, building products and security systems and are recognised by the Association of British Insurers and the Police. LPS 1175 describes tests for classifying the intruder resistance of a broad scope of products and systems, including doorsets, windows, security grilles and shutters, for commercial premises and higher risk properties.  Security Rating 2, (SR2), of the standard is required in any specification for commercial premises under Secured By Design criteria, making LPS 1175 (SR2) a vital requirement for a large proportion of commercial doors. 

The LPS1175 package combines Adams Rite’s newly developed mortice mechanical deadlock – Sentinel 6 - with a specially developed cylinder, escutcheon and concealed transom closer.  The new Sentinel 6 offers significant benefits over some earlier lock designs, meeting the specific and exacting criteria of BSEN12209 at security grade 6.  Designed for the commercial aluminium door market, it offers high level security due to the combined strength of the unique bar bolt and case design. Crucially, Adams Rite was able to work with Beaufort Secure to develop the cylinder and escutcheon along with the concealed transom door closer to a level that met BRE’s exacting standards. 

Products seeking LPS 1175 certification, plus any in-situ hardware such as locks and hinges, are security rated in tests simulating forced entry using a variety of attack tools, including screwdrivers, claw hammers and tyre levers. Each element of the Beaufort commercial doorset, from the Sentinel 6 lock system to the door leaf and jamb, resisted attack and achieved approval from the LPS examiners.

Tim Almond, Business Development Manager at Adams Rite, said: “We’re very proud the combination of our innovative products with those of another leading company has proved itself as the security benchmark for commercial aluminium doors. Following a series of professional attack tests carried out at our own independent testing centre, we worked very closely with Beauforts to develop the Sentinel 6 package ensuring it complemented the security of the aluminium door. This helped to create a whole doorset that meets every requirement of the Loss Prevention Standard.”

Richard Minor of Beaufort Secure said: “We’re delighted to have designed the first commercial aluminium doorset to pass this standard.  Close work and continued product development with Adams Rite has helped us achieve this goal.  This is a great example of a pioneering partnership between two market-leading companies creating new and innovative products proven to the very highest standards.

“As one of the UK’s leading systems companies, we have established a reputation for innovative product design and unrivalled technical and product support. We are constantly developing and designing systems and expanding our product range to meet the ever increasing technological advances of the fenestration industry.”