New Adams Rite ULTRALINE premium electric strike

A new premium quality electric strike for aluminium doors, developed by Adams Rite, offers important benefits to facilities managers and maintenance engineers and can assist in complying with Approved Document M.

The new Adams Rite ULTRALINE 7400 is a feature rich electric strike, with an innovative stainless steel split-jaw design, which has a holding force of 907kg. More importantly, the 7400 will operate and electrically release a door that has up to 13kg of sideload pressure.

This is pressure exerted on the door by factors such as poor fitting hardware, door misalignment or the effect of air conditioning and can be enough to stop many common electric strikes from operating and releasing the door latch.

By fitting or retro-fitting the ULTRALINE 7400, maintenance staff will avoid frequent time consuming call -outs to release and modify doors, which is an expensive process on large sites.

In addition, the new model requires minimal force by the occupier to open the strike, just half the force of the existing 7100 series. This helps the frail, elderly and other vulnerable groups and assists with meeting the requirements of Approved Document Part M of the Building Regulations and the Disability Discrimination Act.

The new ULTRALINE electric strike also operates at 12 or 24V, AC or DC with one solenoid and a very low power draw, ranging from 0.16A to 0.44A.

The strike can be set to either fail secure or fail -safe on the strike body at the time of installation, although fail -safe mode requires DC power. DC intermittent and continuous units are silent while AC intermittent units buzz on operation.

Commenting on the launch of the new strike, Adams Rite Product Manager, Andy Stolworthy, said:

“This is the next generation in electric door strikes and is ‘fully loaded’ with features that will bring real benefits for both installers and maintenance engineers.”

“ The solid steel split jaw design achieves new levels of robust and durable performance and will maintain Adams Rite’s proven reputation for innovation and reliability.”

Tested over 500,000 operating cycles, the ULTRALINE 7400 electric strike has a satin anodised finish, comes with a 3 year warranty and retrofits all previous Adams Rite strikes, including the 7100 range which will continue to be available for more price sensitive installations.

One of the notable features of the new strike is the compact design, with a depth of just 27mm overall  (85.6mmx 36mm x 27mm for the zinc alloy case) and a strike opening of 36.5mm x 15.9mm(adjustable) x 12.75mm. The faceplate is currently available in flat and radius aluminium versions (123.7mm x 31.8mm) with additional variants to follow later in the year.

The device operates with a door gap of 3mm minimum and an operational gap of 3-5mm, like its predecessor the 7100.

The standard subcover will suit a 44.5mm thick door that closes flush with the jamb edge and a subcover extension option is available to suit 50mm thicknesses.

The new ULTRALINE 7400 model meets ANS1/BHMA 156.5 Grade1 UL listed for burglary resistance, although Adams Rite recommends a Sentinel 6 deadlock is also installed for “out of hours” security.