7430/7431 Ultraline - Premium Electric Strike


With the development of new products Adams Rite is using their experience and innovation to produce quality products for existing and new markets.

In this section you will find products that meet the needs of almost any security application or standard in Europe.


The ULTRALINE 7430/7431 premium electric strike is designed to retro-fit the cut out for a MS1850 Deadlock strike in an aluminium single or double door. The innovative and compact robust stainless steel split-jaw design maintains the high level of security expected from Adams Rite while enabling release electrically with over 15kg of sideload pressure.


  • Monitoring option, 1080kg holding force
  • Opens electrically with over 15kg of sideload pressure
  • Compact depth - 27mm overall
  • Single solenoid operates at 12/24V AC/DC
  • Field selectable fail safe or fail secure on strike body
  • Adjustable jaw, Low current draw
  • Retrofits all previous Adams Rite strikes
  • Tested to 500,000 cycles  
  • Requires half the force to open compared with 7100, aiding compliance with Doc M requirements 


4710 Deadlatch ~ 4750 Deadlatch ~ Ritekey keypad ~ Push to Exit Button ~ Power Supply Unit


Current Draw: 12v AC=0.16A, 12v DC=0.44A, 24v AC=0.08A, 24v DC=0.23A DC intermittent and continuous units are silent, AC intermittent units 'buzz'on operation
Voltage Tolerance: +/- 10%
Powered by: Internal solenoid
Monitoring: (optional) Double latch and solenoid.
Duty: Fail safe or fail secure selectable on strike body (supplied in fail secure mode) DC required for fail safe operation
Jaw Strength: 1080kg
Case: 85.6mm x 36mm x 27mm. Zinc aluminium alloy
Mechanism: Stainless steel
Strike Opening: 36.5mm x 15.9mm (adjustable) x 12.7mm
Door gap: Minimum 3mm, operational gap 3-5mm
Faceplate: Flat and radius aluminium: 174.5mm x 31.8mm
Finishes [7430]: 628 Clear Anodised (standard)                                         313 Dark Bronze Anodised (option)                                   335 Black Anodised (option)
Finishes [7431]: 130 to match 628 Clear Anodised (standard)                       121 to match 313 Dark Bronze Anodised (option)               119 to match 335 Black Anodised (option)
Subcover: Standard subcover will suit a 44.45mm thick door that closes flush with jamb edge. For extension codes see below.
Standards: ANSI/BHMA 156.5 Grade 1 UL listed for burglary resistance