MS®4043 - Cylinder Guard

With the development of new products Adams Rite is using their experience and innovation to produce quality products for existing and new markets.

In this section you will find products that meet the needs of almost any security application or standard in Europe.


The Adams Rite MS® 4043 Cylinder guard offers three forms of defence against somebody trying to prise a standard mortice cylinder out of the door.



  • Designed for use on aluminium and steel doors
  • Resists being pulled off the door by driving a hand tool such as a cold chisel behing the guard.
  • Guarantee 3 years
  • Outer ring bevelled to offer poor grip for prying or twisting
  • Manufactured from hardened steel
  • Can be used on th eoutside and inside of door leaf


Round Cylinders 4036~4056


Security Ring:
 Zinc-plated hardened steel. Free swivelling.
Retainer Plate: Steel with corrosion resistant plating.
Stile Thickness: 3.2mm.
Spacers: Supplied. To fit stile wall if thinner than 3.2mm.