FM-3500 - High Security Edge Mount Hinge with Hospital Tip

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Continuous hinges fit the full height of a door therefore supporting the doors weight along its full length improving the life expectancy of the application, particularity in high traffic or dense applications.


  • Suitable for use on timber and steel doors
  • The hinge is specially designed and well suited for correctional facilities and other high security locations using 2" (51mm) thick swing-type doors
  • The Adams Rite FM-3500 is a high security stainless steel edge mount hinge with hospital tip
  • Also suitable for prison doors, gates, extremely tall doors and extra heavy doors
  • This edge mount pin and barrel type hinge is fabricated with extra-heavy duty components for use on high traffic, high abuse doors



Material:Heavy-duty 12 Gauge (2.7mm (0-105")) 304 stainless steel.
Finishes:US32D Satin stainless steel (630).
Cycle Testing:Independently tested to 1 million cycles.
Mounting Hardware:12-24 S.S. Torx with security studs.
Capacity:Supports weights up to 408kg (900lbs.).
1219mm (48") maximum door width.
Stock size:2133mm (84"). Can be cut to length.
Hole Pattern:Symmetrically templated. Non-handed.
Barrel Type Hinge:6.35mm (1⁄4") diameter stainless steel pin.

 Optional Features

Finishes:Scratch-resistant powder coated paint,
84 standard colours.
Other Features:Custom lengths - specify in inches/mm.
Custom hole patterns.