4750 - Europrofile Cylinder Deadlatch


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The Adams Rite 4750 Deadlatch offers flexible traffic control and a good level of security.

When used in emergency exit applications with a 4596 Paddle Handle the E8461 ramped jaw strike must be fitted to conform with BS EN179:2008.


  • Can be used in conjunction with the 7100 or 7400 series Electric Strike to provide remote access control
  • The auxiliary bolt feature deadlocks the latch when the door is closed against the strike
  • Operates with standard 17mm Euro cylinder
  • Metric backset sizes
  • Designed for use on aluminium doors.
  • Holdback function via reverse turn of key
  • Can be re-handed if required.
  • Independantly tested to 1 million cycles


4104 Mounting Bridges ~ CL0/1 Europrofile Cylinders & Escutcheons
Europrofile Thumbturns ~ 4596 Paddle Handle ~ 7100/7400 Series Electric Strikes


Overall Case Size: 173mm x 25mm x 40.6mm - 24mm Backset
173mm x 25mm x 44.7mm - 28mm Backset
173mm x 25mm x 54.4mm - 37mm Backset.
Case: Steel with corrosion-resistant plating.
Backset: 24mm, 28mm, 37mm.
Latch Bolt: 25.4mm x 12.7mm. ZA-27 Zinc, Chrome Plated,
Hardened Steel Internal Pins, plus Anti-Pick baffle.
Latch Throw: 12.7mm.
Cylinder: 17mm Europrofile Cylinder or Thumbturn.
Operation: Turn key or thumbturn to retract latch bolt.
Door Gap: 3 - 5mm.
Forend: Steel, with aluminium faceplate..


Ordering Options
Lock Bodies - Deadlatch 24mm Backset LH
Lock Bodies - Deadlatch 24mm Backset RH
Lock Bodies - Deadlatch 28mm Backset LH
Lock Bodies - Deadlatch 28mm backset RH
Lock Bodies - Deadlatch 37mm Backset LH
Lock Bodies - Deadlatch 37mm backset RH