MS +1890 - Latch/Deadlatch


With the development of new products Adams Rite is using their experience and innovation to produce quality products for existing and new markets.

In this section you will find products that meet the needs of almost any security application or standard in Europe.


The Adams Rite MS® + 1890 provide both maximum security after hours and convenient traffic control management during the day.


  • Suitable for use on aluminium doors.
  • Both lock and latch bolts retracted for unrestricted entry and exit during business hours


  • Maximum security hookbolt for overnight locking.
  • Non-handed.
  • Handle-operated latch for exit-only traffic




Round Mortice Cylinders ~ MS®4043 Cylinder Guard Round Thumbturns ~4591 Paddle Handle ~ 4561 & 4565 Lever Handle & Thumbturn 4568 Lever Handle ~ 4505 Box Strikes


Overall Case Size: 195.9mm x 25.4mm x 40.6mm - 24.6mm Backset (31⁄32")
195.9mm x 25.4mm x 44.4mm - 28.6mm Backset (1 1⁄8")
195.9mm x 25.4mm x 57.1mm - 38.1mm Backset (1 1⁄2").
Case: Steel with corrosion-resistant plating.
Backset: 24.6mm, 28.6mm, 38.1mm.
Latch Bolt: 15.9mm x 15.9mm. Zinc Alloy with Delrin face.
Handing reversible.
Lock Bolt Throw: 11.1mm.
Lock Bolt: 34.9mm x 15.9mm.
8 Ply Laminated Steel with patented
Alumina-Ceramic Anti-Saw Core.
Lock Bolt Throw: 20.6mm.
Cylinder: Any standard 29.4mm (1 5⁄32") Mortice Cylinder or
Thumbturn with MS® cam.
Operation: 360º turn of key throws or retracts deadbolt.
When unlocked, further 120º turn retracts latchbolt.
Door Gap: Maximum 3mm.
Forend: Steel, with aluminium faceplate.


Ordering Options
Lock Bodies - 24.6mm (31⁄32”) Backset Hookbolt Latch/Deadlock
Lock Bodies - 28.6mm (1 1⁄8”) Backset Hookbolt Latch/Deadlock
Lock Bodies - 38.1mm (1 1⁄2”) Backset Hookbolt Latch/Deadlock
Faceplates - MS®+1890 Faceplate Flat Hook Lock SAA Finish
Faceplates - MS®+1890 Faceplate Radius Hook Lock SAA Finish
Faceplates - MS®+1890 Faceplate Left Hand Bevel Hook Lock SAA Finish
Faceplates - MS®+1890 Faceplate Radius Weatherstrip Hook Lock SAA Finish