4015 and 4022 - Threshold Bolts for MS®1850 and MS®2200 Deadlocks

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The Adams Rite 4015 and 4022 threshold bolts for MS® 1850 and MS® 2200 Deadlocks provide additional locking points to the threshold.


  • Suitable for use on aluminium and steel doors
  • The 4022 is designed to give second or third point locking to any MS® 2200 series Deadlock; a second 4022 is simply added to provide the third locking point
  • The 4015 has additional locking points to threshold
  • The 4015 can be added to any version of 1850 deadlatch


MS®1850S Maximum Security Deadlock ~ MS®1850SNSI Maximum Security Deadlock ~ MS®2200 Maximum Security Deadlock



Cylinder Height: 1333mm maximum (4015)
1300mm maximum (4022 2 & 3-point).
Door Height: 2600mm maximum (4022 3-point).
Material: Mild Steel.
Thread: 1⁄4" Whitworth.
Operation: Turn of key; rods move as deadbolt pivots.


Ordering Options
Rod & Bolt Kit for MS®1850 Deadlock for use with swing door
Rod & Bolt Kit for MS®2200 Deadlock for use with swing door