MS 1900 - Multipoint Locking System

With the development of new products Adams Rite is using their experience and innovation to produce quality products for existing and new markets.


The Adams Rite MS® 1900 Multipoint Locking System is designed to provide security for sliding patio doors.


  • Suitable for use on aluminium and steel doors.
  • The anti-lift hookbolt houses an alumina-ceramic core for protection against hacksaw attack.
  • 22mm hookbolt throw
  • The MS® 1900 retains the same uncomplicated over centre pivot mechanism and all the security features associated with Adams Rite MS® Deadlocks.
  • Steel case with corrosion resistant plating.
  • Available in single or 2 point locking.
  • 3 year guarantee



Europrofile Cylinders and Escutcheons ~ Europrofile Thumbturns




Overall Case Size:248.3mm x 21mm x 30.5mm (upper lock case)
99mm x 21mm x 30.5mm (lower lock case).
Case:Steel with corrosion-resistant plating.
Hookbolt Throw:22mm.
Operation:360º turn of key throws or retracts hookbolts.
Key only removable when bolt is positively
locked or unlocked.
Door Gap:Maximum 3mm.